4D Lotto Result summary 2024 And 4 Digit Lotto Result Today History

4 Digit Lotto Result Today is a popular lottery game in which players pick a four-digit number and place a wager. Draws are typically held at specific intervals, and the objective is to match your chosen four-digit number with the winning combination. The game offers various bet types and prize tiers, making it both exciting and versatile.

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4 Digit Lotto Result Today History 2024- 4D LOTTO RESULT SUMMARY 2024

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Draw Date Winning Numbers
March 15, 2024 9-0-6-1
March 13, 2024 6-4-4-1
March 11, 2024 7-9-8-9
March 8, 2024 1-2-8-9
March 6, 2024 2-7-2-2
March 4, 2024 3-1-4-6
March 1, 2024 3-1-7-5
Feb 28, 2024 7-3-2-5
Feb 26, 2024 0-7-1-2
Feb 23, 2024 0-1-6-2
Feb 21, 2024 2-0-7-6
Feb 19, 2024 3-4-6-0
Feb 16, 2024 4-9-2-4
Feb 16, 2024 4-9-2-4
Feb 14, 2024 1-9-9-8
Feb 12, 2024 6-8-0-4
Feb 9, 2024 7-7-0-4
Feb 7, 2024 9-6-2-3
Feb 5, 2024 8-8-5-2
Feb 2, 2024 3-9-8-7
Jan 31, 2024 9-9-8-8
Jan 29, 2024 6-7-7-3
Jan 26, 2024 6-8-5-4
Jan 24, 2024 5-9-9-2
Jan 22, 2024 7-4-6-6
Jan 19, 2024 3-4-1-9
Jan 17, 2024 2-5-6-8
Jan 15, 2024 0-0-5-3
Jan 12, 2024 2-7-3-8
Jan 10, 2024 0-9-3-1
Jan 8, 2024 0-7-7-2
Jan 5, 2024 6-3-4-4
Jan 3, 2024 1-1-3-9
Jan 1, 2024

How Do 4 Digit Lotto Result Today Draws Work?

4 Digit Lotto Result Today draws usually occur multiple times a week, with a live drawing that reveals the winning four-digit combination. The exact mechanics can vary depending on your location, but the basic process involves a random drawing of four balls, each representing a digit (0-9). The order in which these balls are drawn determines the winning number.

Lotto Result Today Jackpot Prize

Below is the overview of the latest jackpot prize of the following lottery games of PCSO result today

Major Lotto Draw Jackpot Prize
6 42 lotto result today Php 48.5 Million+
6 45 lotto result today Php 28 Million+
6 49 lotto result today Php 96 Million+
6 55 lotto result today Php 54 Million+
6 58 lotto result today Php 12 Million+
EZ2 lotto result today Php 6 Million+
swertres lotto result today Php 9 Million+


Playing 4D Lotto is relatively simple, but the specific rules and procedures may vary depending on the country or region where you’re playing. Here are the general steps to play 4D Lotto:

  1. Find a Licensed Retailer:
    • Locate an authorized lottery retailer or agent in your area. These are typically convenience stores, gas stations, or dedicated lottery outlets.
  2. Choose Your Numbers:
    • You will need to select a four-digit number to play the game. The numbers can be any combination of digits from 0000 to 9999.
  3. Select Your Bet Type:
    • 4D Lotto offers various bet types, each with different prize amounts and winning conditions. Common bet types include:
      • Straight/Standard Bet: You win if your four-digit number matches the exact order of the winning numbers.
      • Box Bet: Your chosen numbers can win in any order. While the prize amount may be smaller than a straight bet, your odds of winning increase.
      • 4D Roll: You select three digits, and the fourth digit is represented by an “R.” This allows you to cover multiple numbers for a single draw.
      • i-Perm: You select multiple four-digit numbers, and you win if any of your numbers match the winning combination.
  4. Place Your Wager:
    • Decide how much you want to bet on your chosen numbers and bet type. The cost of your wager will depend on your chosen bet type and the amount you decide to bet.
  5. Receive Your Ticket:
    • After making your selection and paying for your wager, the retailer will provide you with a printed ticket. This ticket serves as proof of your participation in the game.
  6. Check the Draw Schedule:
    • Be aware of the draw schedule in your region. 4D Lotto draws typically occur multiple times a week, and you’ll need to ensure your ticket is valid for the correct draw.
  7. Watch the Draw:
    • Tune in to the official draw or check the results online or in newspapers to see if your selected numbers match the winning combination.
  8. Claim Your Prize:
    • If your numbers match the winning combination, you can claim your prize at the lottery retailer where you purchased your ticket. Prize claim procedures may vary, so follow the instructions provided on your ticket or check with the retailer for details.

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